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Major Program

(JS 25) Jewish Studies Major

Jewish Studies majors study Jewish history, languages, and culture in detail, from their biblical roots through the modern era. With their emphasis on critical analysis and writing, Jewish studies courses prepare students for careers in teaching, law, public policy, or any other field that values clear thought and expression. Students will complete 12 upper-division courses (48 units) and language proficiency outlined below.

UC San Diego Academic Planning Worksheet (PDF)

Major Checklist (Fillable PDF) 

Learning Objectives of the Jewish Studies Program (PDF)

Sample Academic Plans (4 year, transfer)


  1. 3 upper-division Survey Courses are required for the major.
    • 1 Upper Division Course Pre 1648
    • 1 Upper Division Course 1648 to Present
    • 1 Upper Division Elective (Can be selected from course list)
  2. 9 upper-division Elective courses (JWSP 101, 102, 103, and 104 are acceptable here)
  3. 2 years of language proficiency.
    • Track 1: Students are required to complete two years (six-course series) of Hebrew language study. See Track 1 courses.
    • Track 2: One year of Hebrew language study (three-course series) AND one year of another non-English language study (three-course series) relevant to Jewish History and Culture. Qualifying languages include German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, or Italian. Other languages can apply by approval of faculty advisor. See Track 2 courses.
  4. No more than two courses may be taken P/NP. Petitions must be submitted.
  5. Students may petition to receive credit for courses outside of Jewish Studies; all study abroad courses must be petitioned.

Testing Out

Students with prior knowledge of Hebrew may test out of some or all of these courses. Students who place into a second year or higher language course may fulfill this requirement with a higher level language course, by petition. Please contact the Jewish Studies Program Advisor through VAC or

How to Declare the Major

  1. Read the general university requirements for a minor.
  2. View sample four-year Academic Plan.
  3. Log in to the Major/Minor tool and submit the declaration.
    • Jewish Studies Major Code: JS25
    • Jewish Studies Minor Code: JS25
    • Hebrew Language and Literature Minor Code: M052
  4. Allow 3 to 5 business days for your declaration to be approved and/or processed. Check your degree audit to confirm your declaration was processed.
  5. Message the Jewish Studies Program Coordinator through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) if you have questions about the requirements, degree audit, or if would like to petition a course.

Course Petitions

Students may petition courses to count toward the major if it contains at least 50% of Jewish Studies related content. Students may also submit petitions for P/NP courses, study abroad, and language requirement exceptions. Petitions must be submitted immediately for review; prior to, during, or after taking a course. You can email completed petitions at and make sure to include: Undergraduate Petition Form (one per course), course syllabus, and relevant course work needed for review.

Undergraduate Petition Form (PDF)

Double Major Petition

Students must meet with the academic advisor to discuss declaring a double major in Jewish Studies. Read about how to declare a Double Major and bring the petition form to your advising appointment.

General Requirements for double major

  • Have completed at least 90 units and no more than 135 units
  • Have completed a majority of the prerequisites for both majors
  • Be able to satisfy the requirements for BOTH majors, including 10 upper-division courses (40 units) unique to each major
  • Be able to complete the 2 majors in no more than 240 units

Transfer Students

Students should check the Transfer Admission site for information on UC San Diego minimum requirements and deadlines. Jewish Studies does not have any entrance requirements separate from the UC San Diego requirements.

Transfer students may take some classes before starting at UCSD. Classes that are not listed on may be petitioned for credit toward the major requirements.

Virtual Advising Center

For questions about the major, minor, or language program, please contact the Jewish Studies advisor through VAC.

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