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Our Mission

The UC San Diego Jewish Studies Program is committed to interdisciplinary teaching and research about Jewish history, religion, languages, literature and culture. The program aims to support Jewish Studies research by UC San Diego faculty and students and to share this research with the campus community and the general public. UC San Diego Jewish Studies seeks to foster an inclusive community of learners from all backgrounds and to offer opportunities for students to identify and develop connections between Jewish Studies and the other disciplines with which they engage. The program pursues these goals through 1) sponsorship of research projects and programming that support Jewish Studies 2) supporting UC San Diego faculty in the development of Jewish studies courses and research projects 3) providing assistance to UC San Diego undergraduate and graduate students working in the area of Jewish Studies through fellowships, scholarships and research grants and 4) collaborating with institutional and community partners in the areas of Jewish Studies research and teaching. Although we do not offer a Jewish Studies PhD degree, the program offers support and advising to graduate students across disciplines.