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Hebrew Language Program

UC San Diego's Hebrew language program works with students at all levels to help them acquire usable Hebrew skills. Our Hebrew language specialist, Alana Shuster, brings years of experience and a unique, individualized method to the classroom. The program emphasizes the following skills:

  • Confident, continuously, creative, and comprehensible speech comprehension beyond your vocabulary
  • A focus on words to build vocabulary rather than rote sentences 
  • Simple sentence-patterns to ensure fluency
  • Sequencing of language structures, with an emphasis on acquisition
  • Specially designed shortcuts to expand communication
  • Simple study-steps and other games to make progress easy and fun
  • Associations to add fun and improve pronunciation 
  • Advanced learning strategies to focus on comprehension 

Hebrew Language Instructor

Alana Shuster

Office: Arts and Humanities Building, 6th floor room 647

Hebrew Language Courses

The Jewish Studies Program offers Hebrew language courses throughout the academic year. To plan out your schedule see the current course offerings. Please note that Hebrew courses are only offered once per year.

  • JWSP 1. Beginning Hebrew (4)
  • JWSP 2. Intermediate Hebrew (4)
  • JWSP 3. Intermediate Hebrew, Continued (4)
  • JWSP 101. Introduction to Hebrew Texts (4)
  • JWSP 102. Intermediate Hebrew Texts (4)
  • JWSP 103. Advanced Hebrew Texts (4)
  • JWSP 104. Practicum in Advanced Hebrew Language and Texts (repeatable for credit up to four times) (4)*

*JWSP 104 is offered every Fall quarter and fulfils the requirement of fourth quarter Hebrew.

Hebrew Placement and Proficiency Exams

Students with prior knowledge of Hebrew may test out of some or all of these courses. To schedule a proficiency test, please contact the Jewish Studies Program at We recommend that students who need to fulfill General Education or Major requirements begin their language study as soon as possible. Hebrew courses are only offered once per year, so please plan accordingly!

After completing the placement test, please request preauthorization for enrolling in Hebrew language courses with the Enrollment Authorization System (Easy)

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College Language Requirements

Students in Eleanor Roosevelt and Revelle Colleges can take Hebrew to satisfy their language requirements. Hebrew may be used to satisfy other Colleges’ requirements. Please consult with your College advisor for more detail.

Concurrent Enrollment

If you are not a UC San Diego student but are interested in taking Hebrew courses, the Concurrent Enrollment Program, offered by UC San Diego Extension, lets you take courses without formal admission to UC San Diego. Concurrent students earn full academic credit and participate in courses just like matriculated UC San Diego students, and are subject to the same conditions, requirements, and standards.

To enroll in Hebrew through Concurrent Enrollment, please go to the UC San Diego Extension website. Once you obtain the concurrent add form please contact us at

Cross Enrollment

If you are a California Community College (CCC) or California State University (CSU) undergraduate student, you can enroll in Hebrew through the Cross Enrollment Program. Once your application is approved at your home campus, take your completed application to the first day of class to obtain approval.

Virtual Advising Center

For questions about the major, minor, or language program, please contact the Jewish Studies advisor through VAC.

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