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UC San Diego Jewish Studies Program: we teach about the history, languages, literature, and culture of the Jews.

Program Name Change

The University of California, San Diego, Jewish (sic!) Studies Program has rebranded itself!  

For our official name, we are adopting the ordinary English adjective "Jewish," in preference to "Judaic," to describe whom and what we study.  "Jewish" is more contemporary, more in keeping with parlance familiar to our students, conforms with the majority of comparable academic programs and departments around the country, and is more user-friendly.  As we move toward digital media, we anticipate that “Jewish” is the  term most likely to be used when prospective students search the UC San Diego website and on-line catalog for classes and events.

JSP Student Survey

To better meet the needs and interests of its students, the Judaic Studies Program is asking past and present students to complete our short survey. Take the survey: