2018-2019 Course Offerings

* Indicates course may be petitioned for credit toward the Jewish Studies major or minor. Please visit the Schedule of Classes for specific dates, times, and locations of the courses listed below.

FA 2018 Course Instructor
ANAR 113* Past, Present, and Future Perspectives on Natural Resources in Israel Ben-Yosef
ANSC 100* Special Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology. State, Nation-building, and Healthcare in Israel Goodman
HIEU 154* Modern German History: From Bismarck to Hitler Neuheiser
HINE 119* US Mid-East Policy Post-WWII Provence
HITO 136* Jews and African Americans: Slavery, Diaspora, Ghetto Hertz
JUDA 1 Beginning Hebrew Shuster
JUDA 101 Introduction to Hebrew Texts Shuster
JUDA 199 Independent Study Staff
LTWL 158A* Topics in the New Testament Kalleres
WI 2019 Course Instructor
ANAR 116* Sea Level Change - The Israel Case in World Perspective Shtienberg
HIEU 158 Why Hitler? How Auschwitz? Hertz
HINE 100 The Hebrew Bible and History Balberg
JUDA 2 Intermediate Hebrew Shuster
JUDA 199 Independent Study Staff
POLI 124* The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Shafir
SOCI 106M* Holocaust Diaries Biernacki
SOCI 178* The Holocaust Biernacki
SOCI 188I* The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Shafir
SP 2019 Course Instructor
ANAR 114* Environmental Hazards in Israel Ben-Yosef
ANSC 187* The Anthropology of Mental Health in Israel and the Diaspora Goodman
HINE 115* Death and Dying in Antiquity Balberg
JUDA 3 Intermediate Hebrew Continued Shuster
JUDA 199 Independent Study Staff
LTWL 138* Critical Religion Studies Kalleres

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