Auditing Courses


The Jewish Studies Program (JSP) offers a wide selection of exciting courses each quarter. Community members and students may attend courses of interest without enrolling in the course by following the steps outlined below.

STEP ONE: Choose a Course

Q: What courses are offered this quarter?

A: You can view our 2018-2019 schedule of classes on the “Courses” page.

You may also sign up to receive JSP emails to stay abreast of our course offerings, events, and other JSP happenings.

Q: How do I find out when and where a course is being offered?

A: The best place to find up-to-date times and locations for courses is the Schedule of Classes

STEP TWO: Email the Instructor for Permission to Audit the Course

Q: Where do I find professors’ email addresses?

A: Instructors’ email addresses can be found by clicking their name within the table on the “Courses” page of the JSP website. Email addresses may also be found on the “Faculty” and “Affiliated Faculty and Lecturers” pages of the website.

Q: What does it mean to audit a course?

A: As an auditor you are entitled to attend class, and participate in class discussions at the discretion of the instructor. You are not entitled to any materials handed out in class (although many materials may be available for download, or the instructor may be willing to email digital copies) and are not expected or required to complete course assignments or tests. In short, an auditor's presence should not add to the workload of the instructor or disrupt the learning of enrolled students.

STEP THREE: Attend the Class

Q: What should I do to make the most of this experience?

A: Below is a short list of recommendations:

    1. Check the Schedule of Classes a day or two before instruction begins for location or time changes, and to ensure the course hasn’t been canceled.
    2. When emailing the professor for permission to attend class, also tell her/him why you are interested in the course.  Ask about course materials, additional reading recommendations, and what level of participation would be appropriate.


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