Hebrew Language Instruction

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Alana Shuster

Office: HSS 1109
Phone: (858) 822-5107
Email: ashuster@ucsd.edu

Alana Shuster is the instructor for Hebrew. Please contact her regarding:

  • Hebrew Placement
  • Credit by Examination


JUDA 1- Beginning Hebrew (Offered Fall Quarter)
Acquisition of basic vocabulary, fundamentals of Hebrew grammar, conversation, and reading.

JUDA 2- Intermediate Hebrew (Offered Winter Quarter)
Continued study of vocabulary and grammar, emphasis on fluency in conversation, and reading.

JUDA 3Intermediate Hebrew, Continued (Offered Spring Quarter)
Vocabulary, grammar, conversation, introduction to literary and nonliterary texts.

JUDA 101-Introduction to Hebrew Texts (Offered Fall Quarter)
Reading and analysis of texts from Biblical through modern authors, study of advanced vocabulary and grammar. Course taught in Hebrew and in English.

JUDA 102-Intermediate Hebrew Texts (Offered Winter Quarter)
Further reading and analysis of Hebrew literature from a range of periods. Advanced grammar and vocabulary. Course taught in Hebrew and in English.

JUDA 103-Advanced Hebrew Texts (Offered Spring Quarter)
Synthesis of fluency, reading, and grammatical skills. Reading of texts from a range of periods.