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Visiting Faculty

  • Jay Rothman, Ph.D.

    Jay Rothman, Ph.D.

    Jay Rothman is a Professor in the Graduate Program on Conflict Resolution and Negotiation at the Bar-Ilan University. He is co-editor of The International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution (IJCER). He is the author/editor of four books, including Resolving Identity-Based Conflict: in Nations, Organizations and Communities (Wiley, 1997) and, From Identity-Based Conflict to Identity-Based Cooperation (Springer, 2012). He has published and taught extensively about Identity-Based Conflict, Creative Conflict Engagement, and Action-Evaluation. This year, as a visiting Associate Professor at the School of Global Policy and Strategy, he launching a new research project comparing “Multi-Track Diplomacy Past and Future in Jerusalem and Cyprus.”



    • Fall 2019: GPGN 490, Politics of Peace – Israel (4 units)
    • Winter 2020: Comparative Study of Conflict Resolution: Ethnic Conflict in Israel and Palestine and Racial Conflict in the US (4 units)
    • Spring 2020: Israeli-Palestinian Peace-Seeking: Bottom Up, Top Down and Middle-Out (4 units)
  • Gilad Shtienberg, Ph.D.

    Gilad Shtienberg, Ph.D.

    Gilad Shtienberg received his Ph.D. in Coastal geomorphology with an emphasis on anthropogenic influences, University of Haifa, studies long-term climate change in Israel and neighboring lands as a model for more general issues of global environmental change. He specializes in the understanding theoretical and practical aspects of the landscape changes that occur in the dynamic environments of the coast zone. His recent projects focus on human settlement during the Biblical periods along Israel’s northern Mediterranean coast.

    Research interests: Geoarchaeology, Palaeo-landscape reconstruction, Anthropogenic processes effecting soil and landscape, Shallow continental shelf morphology.



    • Fall 2019: ANAR 116, Sea Level Change – Israel (4 units)