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Program Director's Welcome 2018-2019

Welcome back! The Jewish Studies Program offers students a vibrant, interdisciplinary array of courses from Ancient Jewish History to Contemporary Multiculturalism. In addition to multiple levels of Hebrew, we offer courses in Jewish culture from antiquity to modernity. Our faculty publish on a broad range of topics, including the Bible, Medieval literature, Rabbinic history, Modern German culture, biblical archeology, and Soviet Yiddish poetry. It is a particular pleasure to welcome our newest faculty member, Professor Mira Balberg, who joins us as the Chair in Ancient Jewish Civilizations. I am also pleased to welcome our 2018-19 visiting faculty, Professor Yehuda Goodman of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Professor Erez Ben-Yosef of Tel Aviv University, both of whom will be teaching in UC San Diego’s Department of Anthropology. I’d like to thank the Murray Galinson San Diego-Israel Initiative for their support in bringing these outstanding scholars.

Our program offers students from all backgrounds, with or without past knowledge of Jewish texts or languages, to explore Jewishness and Judaism in an academic setting. Students are encouraged to pursue their own research projects through independent study courses with faculty members. We are pleased to announce our new fellowship opportunity, which provides undergraduate majors and minors in Jewish Studies with funding to study abroad. Want to see us teach a course we haven't offered in a while? Send us an email! Or stop by to say hello. We'd love to get to know you.

Amelia Glaser
Program Director