Student Assistant Position

Each year the Jewish Studies Program hires a student assistant. We always accept resumes from interested students. Please read the job description below and email your resume to the Program Coordinator.

Job Description:

STATUS: Filled

Position Title: Student Asst. Writer, JSP News
Position Type: On-Campus: Work-Study not required but may be used

Salary/ Pay Rate: $15.00 hourly (up to 20 hrs per week)

Supervisor(s): Deborah Hertz/William Propp/Sally Hargate

Job Functions:

JSP Website News Stories
-Write news stories about the JSP program for the programs website as assigned by Program Director.
-Take or find images to go with the stories.
-Format stories and images for easy upload and publication to the JSP website.

JSP Newsletter Stories
-Write news stories about the JSP program for the programs newsletter as assigned by Dr. Propp.
-Take or find images to go with the stories.
-Attend program events (JSP & HLHW) to take pictures and write stories.

Miscellaneous Functions
-Communicate support needs to Program Coordinator
-Collaborate with staff (Program Coordinator, Publication team) as needed in a timely and professional manner
-Miscellaneous projects as assigned by Program Director
-Distribution of program materials
-Program promotion (flyering, tabling, etc.)

Hiring Process and Paperwork

Hiring Paperwork

All the paperwork, with the exception of the Oath/Patent, may be completed ahead of your hiring appointment with the Program Coordinator. Below are the forms you will need to complete. Please fill them out to the best of your ability, but do not date any of them until you come into our office or are otherwise instructed by staff.

US Citizen Hires

UC W4/DE 4 [PDF]
I-9 [PDF] (We will need to make copies of of you List A or Lists B&C documents)

Non-US Citizen Hires

Your tax forms will be processed using Glacier.

All Hires

Oath/Patent [PDF]
Voluntary Self-Identification or Race, Ethnicity, and Veteran Status [PDF]*
Voluntary Self-Idenitification of Disability [PDF]*
*If you have chosen not to disclose demographic information please complete the below waiver.
Demographic Information Disclosure Waiver [PDF]
Personal Data Form [PDF]
Emergency Information [PDF]
Principles of Community [Webpage]
Asbestos Notice [PDF]
Child Abuse (CANRA) [PDF]
Worker's Comp. Pamphlet [PDF]*
*please save a copy of this for your records
Acknowledgement of Receipt of New Hire Pamphlet: Facts About Workers' Compensation [PDF]
Direct Deposit [PDF] (We will need a voided check to attach to the form.)