Visiting Faculty


Yehuda Goodman, Ph.D

Yehuda Goodman is a professor in the department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His fields of interest are psychological anthropology, medical anthropology, and anthropology of religion. His research focus is on the ways identities are formed, manufactured and negotiated in the contexts of social and political contestations. Most recently, he has studied Jewish conversion issues among Russian and Ethiopian immigrants in Israel.



  • Fall: Special Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology - State, Nation-building, and Healthcare in Israel
  • Winter: The Anthropology of Mental Health in Israel and the Diaspora
  • Spring: Graduate Seminar


Erez Ben-Yosef, Ph.D.

Erez Ben-Yosef received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from University of California, San Diego in 2010. He is an associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures at Tel Aviv University. His main research interests include Bronze and Iron Age archaeology of the Southern Levant, the application of analytic methods in archaeological research (“archaeological sciences”), and archaeometallurgy. In 2012 he initiated the Central Timna Valley Project ( – a multidisciplinary research into ancient copper production in the southwestern Aravah (Israel). For his recent publications, visit his page on



  • Fall: Past, Present and Future Perspectives on Natural Resources in Israel
  • Winter: Environmental Hazards in Israel
  • Spring: Archaeology's Role in Building National Narrative: Israel as a Case Study


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