Join us for an all-day crash course in Yiddish with visiting internationally renowned language teachers Miriam Trinh and Eliezer Niborski. Learn some of the basics of Yiddish conversation, or fine tune your knowledge of this rich, fusion language. The group will be divided into absolute beginners and students with some knowledge of the language. Language classes and coffee "shmooze" breaks will take place from 10-5. A lecture in English on the Yiddish poet Avram Sutzkever will be held at 5pm.

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Price Center, Cross Cultural Center
UC San Diego

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Yiddish Day Agenda

9:30 am - Breakfast: bagels, coffee, and tea available

10:00 am - Working in Groups: participants will be divided by Yiddish level

12:00 noon - Lunch: Price Center offers many lunch options

1:00 pm - Working in Groups: participants will be divided by Yiddish level

3:00 pm - Snack Break: cookies

3:30 pm - Working in Groups: participants will be divided by Yiddish level

4:30 pm - Snack Break: cookies

5:00 pm: Closing Talk:  "The Great Trajectory of a Great Yiddish Poet : Avrom Sutskever (1913 - 2010)"

The Workshops

Beginners Yiddish

Five hours of intensive, initial immersion in the basics of Yiddish - writing, reading, grammar and simple conversation. Emphasis will be put on active practice in written and oral form. The sessions will also serve as a first encounter with Yiddish literature and song!  

Intermediate/Advanced Yiddish

The aim of the sessions will be to revise and strengthen the knowledge of Yiddish by studying selected linguistic issues and some literary texts. Oral exercise and discussion will be stimulated in particular. This class will be conducted in Yiddish!

LTWL 87: Yiddish--An Introduction

Students who would like to receive credit for attending Yiddish Day need to sign up for LTWL 87. Please note that non-freshmen, including graduate students, may enroll in this course, although UCSD freshmen will be given priority for seats.

Schedule:  Tu (Weeks 1&2) 430p-530p and Su (Week 10) 1000a-600p
Location:  Tu – LIT 355 and Su - TBD
Enrollment limit:  20

Schedule of Classes

The Talk

The Great Trajectory of a Great Yiddish Poet : Avrom Sutskever (1913 - 2010)

The Yiddish poet Abraham Sutzkever lived and created through more than half a century, witnessing and contributing personally to three crucial stages of Modern Yiddish Literature:  on the eve of the destruction of Yiddish civilization, in the Vilna Ghetto and as a partisan, and after the Shoah in his new home - Israel. The lecture will be dedicated to the poet's evolution as deeply rooted in his biographical trajectory, and to the question which Sutskever never ceased to ask himself: What should be the task of a Yiddish Poet? 

About Miriam Trinh

Miriam Trinh

Miriam Trinh

Postdoctoral fellow, The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Program in Jewish Studies, The Johns Hopkins University

Miriam Trinh was born in Poland, grew up in Germany and immigrated to Israel at the age of 19. She accomplished her undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Yiddish at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, obtained her Master's degree in Yiddish literature at the Universities of Paris-Sorbonne and Strasbourg (France) and her Ph.D. at the Hebrew University. She has taught Yiddish language and literature at different levels at the Maison de la Culture Yiddish (Paris), OCHJS (Oxford), Tel Aviv University and Beys-Sholem-Aleykhem (Tel Aviv). She is currently affiliated as a postdoctoral fellow with the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Her fields of research are Yiddish literature during the Holocaust and the multilingual Jewish literary reaction in Europe to the rise of Nazism.

About Eliezer Niborski

Eliezer Nibroski

Eliezer Niborski

Instructor for Yiddish language, German Romance Languages and Literature, The Johns Hopkins University

Eliezer Niborski was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up in Paris, France, within a  Yiddish speaking family. He followed undergraduate and graduate studies in Mathematics at institutions of higher education in Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg and spent several years teaching Math in high schools in France. Since 2004, he lives in Jerusalem, where he takes part in a bibliographical project initiated by the Hebrew University in conjunction with the National Library of Israel: the Index to Yiddish Periodicals. In the last ten years he has constantly participated as a Yiddish teacher in intensive summer programs for Yiddish language and literature (Vilna, Tel Aviv, N.Y.). He is currently affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University as a Yiddish language instructor for beginners.

UCSD Students: Receive credit for attending Yiddish Day

Resgiter for LTWL 87: Yiddish--An Introduction

Yiddish--An Introduction
Section ID: 809342
Instructor: Glaser, Amelia (

The seminar will introduce you to Yiddish, the language spoken by most Jews in Europe before World War II. The course will include basic conversation, an understanding of its linguistic and social history, an explanation of Yiddish words you probably already knew (but didn't know they were Yiddish!), and a lecture on the great Yiddish poet Avram Sutzkever. All students will be required to attend an all-day seminar at UCSD with two leading experts in the Yiddish language, Eliezer Niborski and Miriam Trinh. Readings will be assigned in advance of this all-day seminar. Please note that non-freshmen, including graduate students, may enroll in this course, although UCSD freshmen will be given priority for seats.

Schedule of Classes

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