Year at a Glance

Courses listed in italics must be petitioned to count toward the major or minor. Please visit the Schedule of Classes for specific dates, times, and locations of the courses listed below.

FA 2016 Course Instructor
JUDA 1 Beginning Hebrew Shuster
JUDA 87 Freshman Seminar - What is Jewish Studies? Lampert-Weissig
JUDA 101 Introduction to Hebrew Texts Propp
JUDA 131 Introduction to the Old Testament: The Poetic Books Propp
HITO 104 The Jews and Judaism in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds Goodblatt
LTRU 110C Survey of Russian and Soviet Literature in Translation 1800-Present Glaser
WI 2017 Course Instructor
JUDA 2 Intermediate Hebrew Shuster
JUDA 102 Intermediate Hebrew Texts Propp
JUDA 199 Independent Study Propp
ECON 182 Topics in the Israeli Economy Shany
HIEU 158 Why Hitler? How Auschwitz? Hertz
HINE 102 The Jews in their Homeland in Antiquity Goodblatt
LTEN 178 Comparative US Ethnic Literature: the Literature of Trauma Lampert-Weissig
SP 2017 Course Instructor
JUDA 3 Intermediate Hebrew Continued Shuster
JUDA 103 Advanced Hebrew Texts Propp
LTEN 150 Jews and Gender in English Literature Lampert-Weissig
SOC 188I/POLI 124 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Shafir

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